Conquest Br Online - Terms of Service 

Terms of Service

  • You agree to future changes to these terms of service.

  • You agree that if any part of this contract is found to be illegal, you still agree in principle to that part and also that no other part of this contract will be affected as a result.

  • A license to access our servers is automatically granted to anyone who meets all of the following parameters:

    a) has not been banned or otherwise prohibited from using our services by a team member.

    b) has no intention of using our services to earn money.

    c) will use our services for entertainment purposes only.

  • You agree that you may not access our servers without a license as set out in Term 3.

  • You agree that our services do not violate any laws.

  • You agree that you must disclose/report to us any information about our services that passes or may be harmful to us or our members.

  • You agree that you should not and cannot hold the owner or part of our team responsible for the content submitted by our members.

  • You agree not to behave in a way that others might or find offensive.

  • You agree that it is your responsibility to ensure that minors are not exposed to material from these services that may be considered inappropriate.

  • You agree to accept any decision made by the owner or any member of staff without question.

  • You agree not to take any action that is or may harm our services or our members.

  • You agree not to click on advertisements that you are not interested in and not to click on any advertisements displayed on the Site.

  • You agree to abide by the game rules we declare and the Privacy Policy we have on our website.

  • Connection to our game servers can only be done through our own client software. You will not use any other software to connect to Game Servers.

  • You agree with all the rules and the biggest rule of all: 'Don't like it, don't play!'

  • If you agree to all terms and rules, click above to play, if not close this page immediately!

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